It’s good to see that the faith-in-the-workplace movement continues even in the midst of this awful recession. A couple years ago, in the midst of the 2002-2007 boom, there were stories like this one all over the news:

At PowerSecure, [CEO Sidney] Hinton has brought aboard Charles Ligon as a full-time, on-site corporate chaplain. His wide-ranging job is to pray if employees so request, teach debt-management courses, provide crisis support and help resolve workplace issues. On several occasions he has guided employees through a conversion experience to accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior.

I’m sure that such workplace chaplains have often been on the chopping block as companies cut costs. It would have been nice if this piece commented on that. Or, even better, commented on whether companies that provide full-time on-site chaplains are more likely to keep them than outsourced, one-day-a-week chaplains for hire.

Still, it’s good news that the faith in the workplace movement continues amid this recession.


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