Amen to today’s David Brooks column. Someday, he says, American politicians will have to face reality. They cannot continue to spend and spend, raise revenue on the backs of working people, and promise more and more entitlements. It cannot continue, and so it will not. When politicians do begin to get real, they’ll probably do what the British Conservatives are doing now.

Brooks writes, “The Conservatives have treated British voters as adults for a year now, with a string of serious economic positions.” They’re not offering stale “government is the problem” answers they were appropriate in the late ‘70s but today are overused, over-simplistic, and not useful. He concludes:

“Britain has discredited the center-left agenda with its unrelenting public spending, its public development agencies and disappointing public-private investment partnerships.

“Osborne and David Cameron, the party leader, argue that Labour’s decision to centralize power has undermined personal and social responsibility. They are offering a responsibility agenda from top to bottom. Decentralize power so local elected bodies have responsibility. Structure social support to encourage responsible behavior and responsible spending.

“If any Republican is looking for a way forward, start by doing what they’re doing across the Atlantic.”


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