The Wall Street Journal has an article about parents suddenly faced with watching their kids. After the blizzards on the east coast, schools closed, and parents couldn’t get to work. Apparently for the first time, they had to watch their own children.

“Across the Washington, D.C. area, parents were grasping for ways to fill the days as two powerful snowstorms cancelled schools, closed day-care centers and shuttered many businesses. On Thursday—day seven for some parents with a three-day weekend ahead and more snow in the offing—nerves were beginning to fray. …

Many parents sought succor on Facebook, posting status updates on the social-networking Web site lamenting their plight, seeking advice on fun activities or boasting about their family’s accomplishments. At times, even that offered little solace.”

My goodness! Is watching children that difficult? These poor parents. In a few more years, you wonder how these children will feel about watching their elderly parents. Better hope that global warming has taken care of those blizzards!


2 thoughts on “Better Be Nice, They’re Going to Say the Same About You

  1. Good point, Rob–though watching kids for several days in a row when they can’t go outside and play can be challenging…

    Alas, hope may not be in sight–a lot of scientists think global warming will cause more, not fewer blizzards. Get out the board games, parents!

  2. Yes, I’m fully aware of the challenges. I’m now home with a 4- and 2-year-old and 8-month-old. Maybe that’s why I’m not sympathetic to the whining.

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