The Washington Post has a nifty tool to explain what the health care bill will mean for your finances and health insurance. The bill is massive and confusing. So, I found the tool helpful to discover that it won’t immediately affect me very much. I have insurance through my employer, but if it gets too expensive, the government will chip in.

The Post explains that for me, the bill “will  ensure you do not spend more than $3654 to $4669 on premiums. Your maximum out-of-pocket costs for deductibles and co-payments would be capped at 27% of the total cost.”

We’ll be posting other articles on how the passage of the bill may affect people involved in long-term care or dealing with end of life issues.


2 thoughts on “A Handy Health-Care Bill Tool

  1. Thanks for the link, Rob. It’s quite interesting to pop my own data in there, as well as hypotheticals. I passed on the link, some comments and a point back to your blog on mine:



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