We’ve received a new endorsement, this time from Cedarville University’s Center for Bioethics. (Along with Trinity’s, does that encompass all the Christian bioethics think tanks?) This is from Dennis Sullivan, a former missionary surgeon who continues to practice medicine, teach biology to pre-med students and write on bio-ethics for a number of journals. We’re thankful to Dr. Sullivan for his kind remarks:

It has often been said that medicine is both science and art. So much of a physician’s training, however, is devoted to the science part, leaving precious little time for the art. As both a bioethicist and a physician, I fall prey to the same imbalance, teaching the technical and philosophical approaches to end of life ethics, but never teaching my patients or my students how to die. Rob Moll’s book wonderfully accomplishes this task, with clarity, compassion, and hope. This volume should be on the shelf of every pastor, nursing home volunteer, lay leader, and anyone caring for a dying friend or relative. It is all about living with eternity in mind.

Dennis M. Sullivan, M.D., M.A. (Ethics)
Director, Center for Bioethics
Cedarville University


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