Three bloggers are the first to review the Art of Dying. They’re all incredibly positive reviews, and I’m honored and thrilled to see what people are saying about the book. Have a look!
lukefourteenthirtythree writes:

As someone who reads a lot (and I mean a lot), in the midst of the bad and average books there are some good ones. The rarity is a GREAT book. This is a GREAT book. By GREAT I mean a book which is so well written, on a topic which is important that people just have to read it. Because of the subjective nature of reading it is somewhat perilous for a reviewer to declare a book to be a future classic. However I do feel that this will be a classic.

Bill Tammeus at his Faith Matters blog says:

Moll’s book is insightful, thoughtful and helpful to people who have grown up in our death-denying culture… The book is an attempt to walk us through possible solutions to these problems. And it’s a helpful combination of reporting, analysis and personal stories from the life of the author, editor-at-large of Christianity Today.

And The Phoenix Preacher says:

There is much in these pages that is both profound and fascinating…the common experience of people near death knowing things they should be unaware of and “seeing” across the divide particularly grabbed my attention.
This is an outstanding, uplifting, vitally important book for our times…I can’t recommend it enough.

Update: Also check out the conversation at The Phoenix Preacher. Wow, these people are engaged in the discussion!


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