My wife’s grandmother recently passed away. In a conversation today about the upcoming funeral, our 5 year old daughter highlighted one of the beautiful aspects of Christian dying, in an exchange something like this.

Mom: We’re going to Great Grammie’s funeral this week.

Fiona: Why?

Mom: She died and went to live with Jesus.

Fiona: Did Jesus tell her He wanted her to come live with Him?

Mom: Yes, … I think He probably did.

Was her question a result of being the progeny of an author writing about Christian dying? Or did it reflect an innate, childlike trust that when the Savior desires your company, He will call your name? The disciples left their nets, upon hearing their names called, and followed the Messiah. Is it not possible then, yea, even probable, that when a saint hears her name, she leaves her sick-bed and follows Him also?

In other news: Tune in tomorrow as The Art of Dying goes Down Under! Rob will be interviewed on Australia’s nationally syndicated “Open House” radio program on Hope 103.2 at 7:00pm Eastern. Don’t miss it!


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