Evangelicalism, even more than other strands of the Christian faith, will find its future tightly bound to the future of American culture. Over the past thirty years, evangelicals have risen up and splintered apart with the Baby Boomers. Led by this cohort, we have warred over worship styles. We have fled the denominations, beginning with mainline denominations but continuing with evangelical ones. We have tailored megachurches to suit the upwardly mobile lifestyles of comfortable suburbanites. And, along the way, we have dissolved our former cross-denominational unity in favor of more narrow identifications: charismatic, reformed, emergent, and Canterbury-philes.

The story of evangelicalism over the near future will continue to be the story of the Boomers. Their individualistic tendencies, and more specifically their aging and passing, will have a profound and perhaps (ironically) a unifying influence on the fractious evangelicals.

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