I’ve been continually impressed by the reviews of The Art of Dying. But this one, from Hearts and Minds Bookstore, blew me away. I’d like to quote it in full, then encourage readers to read the rest of their best books of the year and then patronize the store.

Book lovers will know what I mean when I say that there are certain books that become deeply meaningful, almost sacred in their impact, in ways that one can hardly whisper about. I have not reviewed this book on line yet, in part, because I don’t really know how to sell it, what to say that will communicate what it is, how well it is written, how vibrant and real and alive it is. Will ordinary folks want to read a book about hospice care, about caregiving; can interviews about end of life care be that inspiring? Can a book about dying be beautiful? Of course. Do we all need such a book? Duh. There have been rituals and practices in times gone by that helped us all attend to “dying well” and there have been spiritual writings about “a good death.” Why do we not now hear of this much? How can we recover not a morbid sense of fear or sadness, but an awareness of Christian consolation. It sounds like a cliche as I say it, but this book on learning to die will help us learn to live. What an honorable book this is. We happily list it as one of the best.


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