Rob is a popular speaker on radio and in person. He speaks regularly on issues relating to end-of-life care and faith and business to small groups, on panel discussions, and at lectures and workshops.

To schedule an event:

Email      contact.robmoll@gmail.com

Phone    630-446-0881


7 thoughts on “Contact Rob

  1. Your article Scrooge Lives was referenced at a stewardship meeting last week and I wondered how you derived the giving as a percent of income for various denominations since we have difficulty knowing that for our church. Would appreciate any info. Thanks.

  2. Michael Balboni is going to do a focus group for clergy in Tyler next month around the issues he is researching. I need to make sure everyone in the focus group has a copy of “The Art of Dying” and I’ll underline the parts I think are important!

  3. Hey, Rob. Looks like it has been almost 7 years since you interviewed me in Beijing and I am excited about your article of church growth in China. I hope you are doing great! Look for more interactions with you! God bless you!
    Jesson Tian

  4. Dear Rob Moll, The IBP Book Club has one of your books, “What your Body knows about God” on sale this month as its featured selection. It seem interesting and then I noticed in the blurb “The average college student takes 21 milliseconds to begin synchronizing her movement unconsciously with her hands.” That makes me think this book is about women’s bodies, not men’s. Is that the case, or are you possibly caught up in the current wave of politically correct feminist expression? If the former, have you written a book about men’s bodies? If the latter I am disappointed.

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